Gold Roller Bearing gives service about manufacturing and sales of unlimited kind roller bearing, eccentric bearing, crank thrust washer, motor ball bearing for every kind of machine, water pumps, oil pumps etc by using steel covered bronze, covered aluminum-tin alloys and white metal materials.

Gold Roller Bearing is a leader Roller Bearing manufacturer and exporter in Turkey with its’ experience of long years, expert personnel and today’s technology.
More than half of Gold Roller Bearing manufacturing is presented to domestic customers, the rest is exported to European, America, Middle-East and Asia countries.
Gold Roller Bearing manufactures thick and thin wall ball bearing for benzene and diesel every kind of motors. Main bearing, pin bearing, thrust washer, rod roller bearing and eccentric Roller Bearings compose our product range.
Heavy Duty Vehicles Roller Bearings Water Motor Roller Bearings
Private Cars
Commercial Vehicles
Tanks and Other Military vehicles
Air Compressors Sea Vehicles (hydrofoil, storm boat, tugboat etc.)
Industry Machines
Various Roller Bearings
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